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Shenzhen HENG-WELL Electric  Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen HENG-WELL Electric was established in 2010. The company is mainly committed to the development and design of special cables, automotive wiring harnesses, connectors, new energy charging equipment, and high-tech enterprises that provide integrated solutions for electromechanical equipment. Mainly used in professional fields of electromechanical equipment, household appliances, robots, automated transportation, new energy vehicles, aviation, aerospace, and medical treatment. Provide customers with a full range of technical and product support services such as external power supply support and internal information transmission connections. At the same time, it is also the best partner for OEMs of various multinational companies, occupying an important position in the industry.

At present, the company has an independent R & D team, an automated product workshop, and a full-featured laboratory, which can meet the diverse and complex needs of customers.

HENG-WELL always grasps the trend, pursues forward-looking layout strategies to pursue innovation and growth of the company; and continues to cooperate with domestic and foreign companies to conduct research on independent technologies and develop new products and new businesses based on market and customer needs. HENG-WELL adheres to the strict requirements for quality and fast integrated services to become the best partner for customers. While the revenue continues to grow and make profits, making specific contributions to society and the environment, it is our goal to grow together with the society. It is implemented in daily operations to drive us to make steady and sustainable progress in all aspects of economic, social and environmental development, laying a solid foundation for sustainable corporate operations. At the same time, we care for employees, invest in public welfare, care for the society, and promote corporate social responsibility education, and give back to the society with concrete and sustained action. HENG-WELL will continue to adhere to the corporate faith of "honest management and the pursuit of excellence", and strive to plan sustainable development opportunities with customers to ensure long-term stable growth

  • Support green environmental protection and implement the whole product
  • Maintain reasonable and stable prices for customers
  • Strict quality requirements and process guarantee
  • 24 hours business and logistics services