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HENG-WELL·Zhilian H-LINK Europlug series products obtained ENEC certification

October 12, 2020, is a day worth celebrating for HENG-WELL Zhilian H-LINK. Europlug series power cords have obtained the ENCE certification from BV (Bureau Veritas), which means that HENG-WELL Zhilian H-LINK products have entered the EU And the national market pass of the European Free Trade Zone signifies that the company's products are well prepared for export to the EU. Founded in 2010, HENG-WELL H-LINK is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HENG-WELL, rooted in the Greater Bay Area, serving high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen and surrounding areas. Focus on high-end consumer electronics, smart wear, new energy, smart product wiring harness research and development and customization. BV Bureau Veritas International Inspection Group was established in 1828 and is headquartered in Paris, France. It is a world-renowned international inspection and certification group. Its service areas are concentrated in the areas of quality, health, safety and environmental management and social responsibility assessment. The Laboratory (LCIE) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bureau Veritas (BV). As an internationally authoritative national power and electrical testing organization, it is the first to obtain the qualifications of the IECQ supervisory organization and can conduct the IECQ system worldwide. All quality assessment and certification services (including IECQ-HSPM system certification). The ENEC certification issued by its laboratory LCIE can be used in the European market, and it is also the most authoritative product safety guarantee. At present, the company continues to cooperate with French BV for NF+ certification. By then, we will have a broader prospect in the European market. Read recommendations: Model:LP-15A HENG-WELL 360 Degrees Swivel Power Cord 2 Pin For Hair Straightener Curler Swivel Power Cord IEC 60320 C5 HENG-WELL·Zhilian H-LINK Europlug series products obtained ENEC certification What is the development trend of the connector market? Here is the latest analysis